TGMC (Transgender Medical Camp)

Free Medical Health Checkup Camps are organized for transgender community to gauge the prevalence of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and other health-related issues.

Transgender persons are one such group of people who have been marginalized, abused, disdained, and callously neglected community. They should be socially included and get the rights and respect they deserve.

Netram Eye Foundation organizes medical camps for transgenders with NBCFDC. There is an urgent need to create awareness related to health issues amongst them as many transgenders are immunocompromised and are at a greater risk of infection.
The stigma related to being transgender affects the mental health of many. Due to this many of us start suffering from depression and fall into various addictions. We aim to bring about a positive change among the community, as many of them suffer from lifestyle diseases or illnesses caused due to depression.

The medical camp provides a team of physicians, a general surgeon, dentist, dermatologist, psychologist, optometrist, and pharmacist. Free medicines, spectacles, and condoms are distributed and transgenders are also counseled regarding various topics such as a balanced diet, diabetes, psychological disorders, HIV, alcoholism, and rehabilitation.

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