We render free ophthalmic services, screening of vision and refractive errors, free distribution of spectacles & hemoglobin assessment, provision of cataract and squint surgeries.

ROSHNI (Rural Optical Service Honorary Netram Initiative) is mobile eye testing and optical delivery unit. It aims to increase accessibility with the combination of skill and modern technology. It focuses to provide mobile devices for reachability and utilization of limited resources.

The first unit of ROSHNI was launched as a CSR drive with Lupin Foundation in Kumher, Rajasthan.

ROSHNI is running in Delhi in association with IGL, for checking glasses number, hemoglobin, provision of free spectacles, awareness of eye, dental, mental health issues in children, and educating on eye donation. ​

Donations are exempt under section 12A & 80G OF Income Tax.

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