Computer Eye Syndrome and Tips to Address It

With the advent of pandemics and the accelerating digitalization of mankind, screen use has increased exponentially.

This has led to an increased incidence of computer vision syndrome, also called digital eye strain.

Symptoms of eye discomfort, watering, gritty sensation, light sensitivity, headache, blurred vision, itchy eyes, twitching, and red eyes are experienced in varied proportions in digital eye strain.

Almost 59 percent of people who use screens for over 4 hours suffer from digital eye strain.


  • Sit in the correct posture. The screen should be slightly below eye level and should be one hand's distance away from us, we call it, HI Five to screen.

  • Rule of 20. Take a break every twenty minutes for twenty seconds, look far away, this reduces eye muscle strain.

  • Blink more often, it keeps the ocular surface lubricated. The normal blink rate is 15-20 times per minute which gets reduced to thirds by prolonged screen use.

  • Proper lighting: In addition to adjusting the screen light to avoid glare, reduce exterior light by blinds. Reduce interior lighting by using fewer light bulbs. Preferably use a floor or table lamp that provides softer, indirect light.

  • The use of anti-reflective or blue light blocking glasses has said role in reducing eye strain. Digital eye strain is not classically caused by blue light which has more effect on sleep patterns. Research has shown that exposure to blue light results in melatonin suppression, which affects sleep patterns and causes irritability. Blue‐blocking spectacle lenses, help alleviate eyestrain and discomfort, improve sleep quality and potentially reduce retinal phototoxicity.

  • Use the correct spectacle glass and avoid contact lenses during prolonged screen use.

  • Exercise your eyes by closing with your palms and rotating eye movements.

  • Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of fluids.

  • Use over-the-counter lubricating eye drops, to alleviate dry eyes.

  • Always consult an eye doctor on persisting eye complaints.

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