glaucoma treatment

People may lose vision or experience vision difficulties for a number of reasons. One of the most common is glaucoma, a disorder of the optic nerve which is often caused by high pressure inside the eye. Glaucoma may also be caused by high blood pressure to the optic nerve. If you are experiencing an increased difficulty seeing, you may be experiencing glaucoma symptoms.

Uncontrolled glaucoma will eventually result in tunnel vision and blindness, but other symptoms of glaucoma may include:

  • Eye reddening or irritation

  • Blurred vision or halos

  • Acute eye pain

  • Nausea accompanying eye pain

first signs of glaucoma

treatment for glaucoma


Glaucoma may be treated in different ways, including eye drops and medication, but laser vision surgery is one treatment being used recently which yields very good results. Relieving the pressure in the eye is the key to treating glaucoma and this may be done with an incision or a laser.

Recognizing the symptoms of glaucoma early on is the key to successful treatment and to preventing the advanced symptoms of the condition.