Netram Eye Foundation registered under the Societies Act 1860 since 2013, founded with the initiative of providing quality eye care. The essence of Netram Eye Foundation is to work selflessly, righteously, with dedication & commitment to unburden the sufferings of mankind irrespective of the social and financial status.

With dreams in her eyes and fire in her soul Dr. Anchal Gupta, a young energetic ophthalmologist, had laid the foundation of Netram when she soon realized that corporate jobs don't befit her idea of medicine and her quality medical education shouldn't be limited to the ones with hefty pockets.

We are dedicated to developing and setting up the required resources to enhance the existing eye care infrastructure in India. We are committed to being a transparent, accountable, inclusive, and sustainable organization that respects all its members and stakeholders whose participation is actively sought in democratic decision-making and organizational learning. We promote quality and equity in eye care with the highest ethical standards.

Our health care camps have been regularly treating underprivileged sections of society at no cost. Many renowned doctors have been part of these camps and helped us in the cause and so are our programs on eye care, education, and environmental awareness. Our endeavor is to eliminate all causes of avoidable blindness and to reach a sustainable level where people have access to level-appropriate eye care services.

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Our vision is to become Pioneers in Quality and Ethical eye care.We at Netram Eye Foundation envisage “Sight to All”. In an era of enthusiastically developing technology, India is still burdened with preventable blindness in huge magnitude. We by our miniscule efforts would contribute to treating curable blindness to the maximum possible extent. Our work philosophy is “Compassion is as important as Prescription”. We dream to build a setup catering best treatment to all strata of society for those who can pay, pay less or not pay at all. All eyes should smile.